Signed Civility and Respect Pledge

Throughout the sector, there are growing concerns about the impact bullying, harassment and intimidation is having on councils, councillors and staff and the resulting effectiveness of local councils. In response, the Civility and Respect Project has been founded by the Civility and Respect Working Group and is supported by representatives from across the sector including Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC), National Association of Local Councils (NALC), County Associations and One Voice Wales (OVW).

By signing the Pledge, Broughton Gifford Parish council is agreeing that it will treat councillors, clerks, employees, members of the public, and representatives of partner organisations and volunteers with civility and respect in their roles, and that it:

  • has put in place a training programme for councillors and staff
  • has signed up to the Code of Conduct for councillors
  • has good governance arrangements in place including staff contracts and a Dignity at Work policy
  • will seek professional help at early stages should civility and respect issues arise
  • will commit to calling out bullying and harassment if and when it happens
  • will continue to learn from best practice in the sector and aspire to being a role model / champion council e.g., via Local Council Award Scheme
  • supports the continued lobbying for change in legislation to support the civility and respect, including sanctions for elected members where appropriate.

You can find a copy of the signed pledge here.

June meeting agenda

The agenda for the June meeting can be found here:

Wiltshire Council to host webinar for people to find out ‘all about potholes’

People across Wiltshire are being encouraged to sign up for a webinar to find out more about how the council manages potholes in the county.

The webinar, which is being held from 6-7pm on Monday 19 June, will be hosted by Cllr Caroline Thomas, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Transport, and will enable people to find out how potholes are inspected, prioritised and filled throughout the county, as well as information on long-term maintenance schedules and resurfacing.

There will also be the opportunity for people to ask questions to the panel, and people can also submit written questions beforehand – though questions should be focused on the general issue of potholes and highways maintenance, rather than specific potholes.

Cllr Thomas said: We know how passionate people are about potholes, and this is a good opportunity for people to find out more about what we’re doing across the county to tackle the issue.

The recent increase in the number of potholes is a national issue that has been caused by hot and dry summer of 2022, combined with the very wet and then cold weather experienced this past winter, which has created the ideal conditions for potholes to form.

One of our Business Plan commitments is to have well-connected communities, and that’s why we’re doing all we can to tackle the problem.

People want to know what we’re doing about the issue, and that’s why we’re hosting this webinar – to enable people to find out more and ask questions about the way we tackle potholes in Wiltshire.

Sign up for the webinar

Once signed up, the council will email people the joining link for the webinar on the morning of Monday 19 June. For the best experience, people should download Microsoft Teams to their computer or mobile device to access the webinar.

To report potholes, people should go to

Temporary Closure of: Norrington Lane (Part), Melksham Without and Broughton Gifford (26.06.2023)

Please see the above links to the Notice and Indicative Plan for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) for Norrington Lane (Part), Melksham Without and Broughton Giford commencing 26th June 2023.

The closure can also be found on here:

Temporary Closure of: B3105 (Part), Staverton and Holt (26.07.2023 – 15.12.2023)

Dear all

Please see the above links to the Notice and Indicative Plans for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) for B3105, Staverton and Holt commencing 26th July 2023.

The closure can also be found on here:

Changes to the Exclusive Right of Purchase criteria


Due to forecasted burials, it is anticipated that there are only around 40 years left until the cemetery reaches capacity.

Broughton Gifford Parish Council has therefore taken the difficult decision to now only allow residents to purchase plots as of 1st April 2023.

A resident is defined by one or more of the following statements:

    1. A person living in the village at the time of purchase
    2. A person who was living in the village at the time of death
    3. A person who had lived in the village but for reasons outside their control had to move out of the village in their final years – i.e. to a residential care home

At the discretion of the Parish Council, the following criteria may be considered

    1. A person who has immediate family buried in the cemetery i.e. mother, father, sibling, or child
    2. A person who has more than 4 close members of their family buried in the cemetery ie. Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather

This policy will be reviewed in the future if it becomes possible to extend the cemetery.