Think before you park

Last week, a lady who lives in Newleaze Park and uses a wheelchair had an accident as a result of a car parking over the pavement around the Newleaze Park junction.  The lady was unable to negotiate her wheelchair through the narrow space on the footway left by a parked car and so tried to get on to the road and around the car. She toppled over and fell into the road and was badly bruised.  Paramedics had to be called to help restore her to her chair and obviously she was very badly shaken.

A few days earlier, the we received an email from another driver who lives in Newleaze Park, to say she was almost involved in a collision on the Newleaze Park junction due to visibility being blocked by careless parking.

The Parish Council is asking for your help to make this area safer.  Please ensure that you do not park over any footways or the on the Newleaze Park junction.

We are working on longer term solutions for traffic issues in the village, but would appreciate everyone’s help now.