Sorting out our traffic problems

We have been looking at how we can sort out our traffic problems.  We have asked a transport consultant to help us come up with effective solutions.  We will hold a public meeting in September where he will present some suggestions and everyone can have a say in how we proceed.

We all know the issues we face; speeding, parking, large vehicles etc.  However, it’s more difficult to know what approaches will work.  We have discussed a number of solutions, including 20 mph speed limits, gates at entrances to the village, chicanes, yellow lines, speed humps and so on.

We need to look at our traffic issues as a whole.  For example, if we stop parking in one place, the problem could just move to somewhere else, or speeding could get worse.  If we introduce parking restrictions or speed limits, we need Wiltshire Council or the police to enforce them, which is unlikely because they don’t have the resources to do it.  We feel that we need professional help and expertise to make the right decisions.

So we’ve asked Ben Hamilton-Baillie to help us.  Ben specialises in working with rural communities to address traffic issues in smaller towns and villages.  You can see more about him and examples of his work at

Ben will be coming down in September to look at our issues and suggest approaches to addressing them.  We’ll have a public meeting in the early evening where he will share his thoughts on how to tackle traffic issues in villages most effectively, together with his initial recommendations for priorities and further studies.  Everyone will be welcome to contribute.

This approach will give us credible and evidence-based proposals, which we can take to Wiltshire Council.  This gives us the best chance of getting approval and funding.  In the meantime, please contact us if you have any issues or ideas that you’d like to share.