Parish Steward work

Please let us know if you notice any minor highways or maintenance work.  Our details are on the Contact us page.

We have a parish steward who visits us once a month.  He can carry out a wide range of tasks including:

  • Hand clearing and cutting of growth from drainage grips and drain gully covers
  • Hand clearing of blocked drainage gullies, culverts, pipes and pits
  • Clearing storm debris from the roads and footways
  • Clearing collision debris, clinical waste etc
  • Pedestrian barriers repairs, preparation and painting
  • Cleaning, re-installation and straightening of small road signs, street nameplates and bollards
  • Installation of small road signs, verge marker posts and supplied street name plates
  • Removal of limited graffiti from road signs, bollards and street nameplates
  • Hand cutting of grass and vegetation in visibility areas
  • Hand treatment of weeds in rural areas
  • Removal of ragwort and other noxious weeds
  • Clearance of encroaching growth and soils from footways
  • Repair of minor surface defects in roads and on footways

We prioritise the jobs that he does, so let us know if you notice something and we will add it to the list.

If the work is major, urgent or safety-related, use the My Wiltshire app to report it.   You can read about it here.