Changes to the Exclusive Right of Purchase criteria


Due to forecasted burials, it is anticipated that there are only around 40 years left until the cemetery reaches capacity.

Broughton Gifford Parish Council has therefore taken the difficult decision to now only allow residents to purchase plots as of 1st April 2023.

A resident is defined by one or more of the following statements:

    1. A person living in the village at the time of purchase
    2. A person who was living in the village at the time of death
    3. A person who had lived in the village but for reasons outside their control had to move out of the village in their final years – i.e. to a residential care home

At the discretion of the Parish Council, the following criteria may be considered

    1. A person who has immediate family buried in the cemetery i.e. mother, father, sibling, or child
    2. A person who has more than 4 close members of their family buried in the cemetery ie. Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather

This policy will be reviewed in the future if it becomes possible to extend the cemetery.