Bus service review

Have your say on the future of our village’s bus services.

Wiltshire Council is having a review of subsidised bus services, which includes the X86 and 68/69 Zig Zag routes that serve the village.  They are asking about six options:

  1. withdraw evening services (those running after 7pm)
  2. withdraw services on Sundays and public holidays
  3. reduce hourly services on Monday to Friday to two hourly
  4. reduce or withdraw rural bus services
  5. reduce town bus services
  6. withdraw all services

There is an organisation called Option 24/7 which is proposing a different approach.  They suggest that we should look at the transport network as a whole rather than considering each subsidised route in isolation.  This would mean that the bus operators bid for a bundle of services, so that profitable routes subsidise non-profitable ones.

You can see more information about what the council’s proposals would mean and about Option 24/7 ‘s approach at http://option247.uk.

You can see the council’s consultation here.  Please complete the questionnaire and have your say on the future of our bus services.  The consultation closes on 4 April 2016.