Ordinary Council Meeting – May 19th

To: Members of the Council,

You are cordially summoned to the Ordinary Meeting of Broughton Gifford Parish Council which will be held on Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 7:30 p.m. in a virtual meeting room to consider the Agenda below.

Press & Public are invited to attend.


2122/13.    Preliminaries:

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. To formally agree Cllr Freemans absence from meetings until October 2021
  3. To receive Declarations of Interest

 2122/14.   Public Participation 

In line with the standing orders, the time designated to public participation shall not exceed 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting.

 2122/15.   Finance:

  1. To note receipts
  2. To check and approve invoices for payment
  3. To note balances and monthly accounts statement
  4. To physically sign and check all the payments and receipts made since the previous in-person meeting

 2122/16.   Planning: To consider the following applications and any others that may be received before the meeting

 21/02241/CLE – Land adjacent to 207 Norrington Lane – Use of a mobile home as a dwelling
PL/2021/04115 – 87 The Common, SN12 8ND – Proposed 2 storey/Single storey rear extension and single side extension. Proposed single storey garage.
PL/021/03431 – The White cottage 82 The Common, SN12 8ND – Single storey side extension linking main house to outbuilding to provide WC facilities on ground floor along with boot room/utility space.
PL/2021/03597 – 98A The Common, SN12 8ND – Proposed side and rear extension

2122/17.    Previous Council Meeting:

  1. To approve the minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting held 22nd April 2021

 2122/18.                       Parish Maintenance:

  1. To decide on the placement of the defib
  2. To request any jobs for the parish steward
  3. To consider the list of jobs from the parish caretaker

2122/19.   Cemetery:

  1. To consider the placement of a headstone on a cremation plot
  2. To consider the placement of a stone on a burial plot
  3. To consider the request for a triple depth cremation plot
  4. To consider the applications for memorial stones
  5. To update the council on the latest cemetery affairs

 2122/20.   Clerk’s report:

  1. To update the council regarding the stone barn

 2122/21.   General Correspondence:

  1. To resolve to note the correspondence received.

2122/22.   Date of next Meetings:

  1. Wednesday 9th June – Ordinary Council Meeting