Any organisation or group that has members from the parish of Broughton Gifford and/or works for the benefit of the Broughton Gifford parish may apply for a grant.

Parish councils may only award grants that will benefit residents in the parish. It is up to groups to prove that the grant will be used to the benefit of Broughton Gifford parishioners. Grants will not be awarded to individual residents or to groups operating outside the parish boundary unless it can be proved that it has at least 30% membership from the parish.


There are two grant funds available. The general grant fund is available for grants up to £250 and the major grant fund which is anything over £250. The total amount allocated by the Council for grants will be revised each year when the Council Budget is considered.


If your group needs extra funding the Parish Council may be willing to enter into partnerships with local organisations in order to assist them in obtaining larger grants from other organisations.


A completed form and a copy of the group’s latest signed and audited accounts should be submitted at least one week prior to a council meeting.


You can find the grant application form here.

You can find out which grants the council have authorised since 1999 here.